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Image of Chuck Shooting Over Wagon Chuck wanted to wear a pair of real Old West spurs which made the perfect sound, as he walked down the dusty streets of Southern California while performing in ahis Old West reenactment troupe so he made a pair. The word spread  quickly, and period art business was born.
Dick Engel sold a pair of Chuck's spurs at an Amarillo, Texas auction and the flood gates opened. Spur collector and author, Lou Kosloff sparked Chuck's inspiration through his book, "California Bit and Spur." Mr. Kosloff was kind enough to meet Cindy in Santa Barbara, California to examine Chuck's work. He commented on the beauty and unique craftsmanship of Chuck's work which reminded him of the original California spurs. A high compliment coming from the expert. Lou also autographed his book which Cindy still has in her collection. Mr. Kosloff book is one of the finest.

In the late 1980's, Chuck made a Sheffield Bowie. While purchasing supplies and equipment, Chuck had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with Bob and Stephanie Engnath. Bob, a master grinder, was the first person to note Chuck's exceptional talent for grinding large blades. Next we met Paul Basch who became Chuck's exclusive English Bowie dealer for the next several years. Both Bob Engnath and Paul Basch were among the finest men we ever knew in the knife trade.

In the 1990's, Chuck continued making Old California bits and spurs, along with bowie knives. He fell in love with the Old California styles made carried by gentlemen in the early days of San Francisco. Chuck's Price Daggers were exquisite!

Chuck started making smokeable Rifleman's Presentation Pipe Tomahawk during the last few years of his career. An interest took hold in the collector community for this period-style axe. They are rare however because Chuck became too ill to work a few years later.

C. Roberts has been privileged to sell their work internationally for display in museums, restaurants, banks, hotels, corporate offices, as well as homes decorated in an Old California style. Celebrities, western authors, gun performers, and art buyers are among the collectors who love Chuck's style.

A North Dakota native, Chuck grew up near his cousin's movie ranch in the hills of Chatsworth, California. He marveled over the craftsmanship of original guns, axes, knives and spurs, used as props in many old Western movies of that era. Several movie stars, especially the "cowboy" stars were his neighbors and acquaintances of his father.

Cindy grew up riding horses in Oklahoma, but left for California soon after graduating from college. She met Chuck a few months later and her life was forever changed. They shared many common interests, including a love for Old California.
Chuck was a colorful character with a very big heart. He is still missed by many.

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