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Welcome to C. Roberts, art that emulates the past, the tribute site to the unique talent of Chuck Roberts.

Chuck is best-known for making the spurs worn by Kurt Russell in the 1993 classic western movie, "Tombstone." The spurs got several prominent close-up shots in one of the best westerns of all time.

The C. Roberts shop primarily made Rifleman's Presentation Pipe Tomahawks, California Spurs and Bits, Price Daggers, and Sheffield-Style Bowie Knives. Everything was handmade by Chuck with occasional help from Cindy. All styles were researched to ensure historic authenticity.

Chuck's spur straps received as much attention as his exquisite spur sets. Chuck and Cindy opened their business in 1983 and for the next 25 years sold to collectors all over the world.

Many believe that Chuck was one of the best contemporary makers of period-authentic gear. Custom knife collectors recognized him as one of the top, large bowie knife makers. His award-winning work has appeared in numerous magazines.

If you get the opportunity to buy one of Chuck's art pieces and need help with authentication, feel free to contact us.

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